Meaningless, meaningless

After a few weeks of walking through spiritual fog, I had had enough. I was still intimate with God, but I was growing weary of not being able to see where I was going. I knew what I was getting myself into when I stepped out onto the waters. That still didn’t change the factContinue reading “Meaningless, meaningless”

Growth Spurts

Wait on God. That is the glorious prophetic word spoken over me at the beginning of my current, new season. And my voice is just a tad sarcastic in saying that. It’s not easy to wait on the unseen. But it truly has been a glorious thing to experience. I can’t say that I’ve valiantlyContinue reading “Growth Spurts”

I’m a Dreamer

Two years ago I was sitting in a coffee shop with six women I had just met. We were sharing testimonies of God working through our lives, and it was a powerful coffee date. Afterwards, as I began to walk out of the door, a young man named David (probably close to my age) stoppedContinue reading “I’m a Dreamer”