I’ve got the Joy 

I saw a post on Facebook earlier today that is buzzing around different moms’ pages. It’s meant to be a sweet “list of rules” to one’s daughter, but within the encouraging words is the phrase “happiness is not a permanent state”..and something about that kind of bugged me. Especially today. A day where I haveContinue reading “I’ve got the Joy “

The peace offering 

In times of chaos, we pray for peace. If my kids are acting wild, I will whisper ‘shalom’ in prayer over them until they stop (doesn’t always work). If I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed (which is a frequent occurrence some days) I’ll pray for God’s peace to fill me up. If I read a newsContinue reading “The peace offering “

Lie down in Peace & Sleep

—Lord, my shalom You sustain me— My enemies surround me Uphold me with  Your righteous hand  —Lord, my shalom You sustain me— I will lay in peace and sleep You alone, oh Lord Make me dwell in safety —Lord, my shalom You sustain me— I will not worry I will not be dismayed You areContinue reading “Lie down in Peace & Sleep”