Riding the Wind

There’s some inexplicable thing that happens when you jump out of faith. The Lord catches you on His mighty wind. Not merely catching you, He also moves on your behalf. He holds you and whispers new depths of His love to you. The truth of His love moves your body, heart and mind in new ways; new ways to love Him and to love people. And as your soul prospers in this real love, so do you. Jesus says that the kingdom of God is like that…the wind. You hear its sound and yet you can not tell where it comes from or where it is going (John 3). This has been more real to me now than ever before. We’ve jumped, and here we are riding on a mighty wind. We soar over valleys and mountains alike, the drop to the ground like a chasm. We occasionally steal a glance beneath us, it is both magnificent and foreboding. The awe of God’s love and power moving us on, and the fear of falling waging war within. Telling our flesh not to look down too long, we will ourselves to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus-The One running before us. Oh, Jesus. My Jesus. Sweet, loving Jesus. King Jesus. My Beloved Husband Jesus. Here He is with us. Calming the wind that would push us back, and moving the storms that would cross our paths. Somehow in the middle of the air we are upon an immovable Rock an unshakeable kingdom. Our human minds don’t grasp the “how”. Mercifully beyond comprehension, just how deeply and vastly God loves will never be subject to our feeble understanding anyways. There is truth we can hold fast. God is love and love never fails. Abiding in Him, no weapon formed against us will prosper. What He began He will complete. His promise on that cross will never return void, for It. Is. Finished. And so, I boldly say:

“And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.”

Luke 1:38 ESV

Published by 2plusmovement

Mom, wife, worshipper, writer, coffee lover, Jesus follower, book nerd, adventurer, +infinite other things. Walk with me as I journey through life with eyes fixed on the One who changed me. See my stumbles and see my victories, but above all see God’s grace working in and through my life.

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